New Okkervil River Video: “It Was My Season.”

June 17, 2013

It Was My Season screenshot 2

Over at the Okkervil River website there’s a video for the first song from the new Okkervil album The Silver Gymnasium.

The Silver Gymnasium takes place in 1986, in a small town in New Hampshire. For this video, I went down with my friend Johnny North and filmed at the Plainfield NH Town Hall, where a hand-painted backdrop by Maxfield Parrish has sat for decades. The backdrop was created so that it could be lit to simulate different times of day, and in the video Nancy Norwalk – Plainfield’s Head Librarian and one of leaders of a 1990 restoration of the backdrop – takes us through the different lighting schemes, from dawn to nightfall. All those lighting and color changes aren’t computers – that’s Parrish’s painting and Nancy working the over-one-hundred-year-old Kliegl lighting system designed for it.

The song is track one from The Silver Gymnasium, a record we made with John Agnello that I am insanely proud of and that is coming out in September.

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5 Responses to “New Okkervil River Video: “It Was My Season.””

  1. Megan

    What a lovely combination of musical fun and magical (and historical) scenery to set the stage for the imagination! I love YOUR beautiful ingenuity, Will!! I’m so curious and excited to see what else the Silver Gymnasium holds!!!

  2. Grant Anderson

    Such a beautiful song and history, Will – I’m very excited for this album/tour in the fall.

  3. Marjke Yatsevitch

    I still have dreams that take place in this town hall… thank you for the intimacy and the storytelling that is connected with such a quirky and special place that I personally can’t get out of my dreams and thinking and art… I grew up in Cornish in the same era… such a low tech place where VCRs and Atari are still pretty standard; when I visit I can’t make phone calls. You are doing some great work. Hope you play near home when you tour.

  4. lesandra

    i am still crazy about this song, the climax at the end is devastatingly beautiful. “it took a while before they got me sorted out” is a line i’ve turned over and over and always come away from with utter sadness.

  5. Bill Kidder

    Will, I had no idea I could contact you about the album, until now. In the 90s I’d go to Meriden every summer for a boomerang fest at KUA (and what’s so union about that place?). We’d drive in along Brook Rd, throw, catch, and head back to the after-party in White River Jct with no idea of what else was going on in that town. Thanks for the details.

    My only regrets are not recording those hermit thrushes on my Sony Walkman, and turning down a local’s offer to see where Salinger lived, back when he was still alive, in some misguided sense of honoring his desire to be left alone.

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