Lovestreams: There’s Video.

April 16, 2013

LS3 copyThese last twelve months have been really fun and really productive for me, although much of what I did this year I haven’t released yet. Writing and recording songs for the Lovestreams album, and trying to keep that project intimate and personal, really changed something about the way that I work. I feel like a new person since making that album.

Today I’m putting out a video for another one of the Lovestreams songs. The song is called “There’s Video.” This is a shorter edit of it – maybe at some point in the future I’ll put out the longer version. I did this video with my close friend Scott Coffey, the actor and director. Scott was in a bunch of films including several John Hughes movies and several more David Lynch movies before graduating to directing with Ellie Parker in 2004.  He shot this video on an early-generation DV camera, the same camera he’d used for that film, and it was already outdated then – with this weird early-digital video quality to the picture that manufacturers have since gotten away from, have improved on. Almost all of the effects are in-camera.

The beginning and end of the video happened under the Williamsburg bridge, this weird place where you can climb through a broken fence and crawl through trash and down through the branches of a fallen tree and get to this open room that’s underneath the street. There’s water pooled down there, and mud, and big black chains hanging from the ceiling where the room under the street opens up into a slightly larger space. The whole area reeks of seawater and sulphur. The rest of the video was shot on the street in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and in a friend’s bedroom, and in a bathroom.

Lovestreams – “There’s Video”

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4 Responses to “Lovestreams: There’s Video.”

  1. elizabeth

    ‘The whole area reeks of seawater and sulphur’. That’s the same smell you smell when you hang out near the Haleakala crater (volcano) in Hawaii. It’s strange to imagine you might somehow be able to smell the same thing over there, Will under the Williamsburg bridge.

    It’s a gray day on my island and I have felt souless and icy, for one reason or another- here in Paradise. This fact will lend me some credibility to state soberly that this song is not that. It threatens that, in fact. Too petitioning. Begging, even. And as always, at some point your voice stops sounding reasonable and returns to that unearthly pitch of… thisismybleedingheartness. Sorry. I don’t know the word for that pitch. I just know it always kinda breaks my heart- it chips away and takes a chunk out of the icy bit.

    Can’t wait to hear more. Can’t wait… xo

  2. Stan

    This song is just great. Kind of creepy and unsettling, but great. Can’t stip listening to it. I really hope you will continue releasing these songs and I thank you for the ones you already released.

    And I was wondering if you could put the lyrics online like you did with Shock Corridor. Because I have a hard time getting them (english isn’t my first language). And well, knowing your music, I know I’m really missing someting.

  3. Megan

    Wow. this is really, really different. It seems more vulnerable and full of moodiness. something new, but I can’t put my finger on it. I did like the saxophone solo in there. but there’s something more; something subtly different about your new sound… guess you’ll just have to reveal more of your Lovestreams, so we can see the new you. 🙂

  4. Megan

    I played your “There’s Video” in yoga class this morning – during the Cresent lunge-twist-open wings- touch down- open up to Half Moon sequence. Super intense – both the sound and the asanas! So excited to hear more, Will!

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