First Version of a Maya Deren Shirt

September 5, 2015

deren sharpie 2

Maya Deren has been an enduring inspiration to me and is the only artist I’ve drawn two different shirts of (you can see the other one here). In the mid-1970s my father had attended film school with the ambition of becoming a professional director; it hadn’t worked out but he still had all his old film books on an easy-t0-reach bookshelf and they were heavily focused on filmmakers like Maya Deren, Stan Brakhage, Kenneth Anger, Jonas Mekas, and Jack Smith. Deren’s “Meshes of the Afternoon” was a really powerful film to see – a waking dream, set in the most commonplace, everyday location imaginable and done on a budget. I try to watch it regularly whenever I need to feel creatively grounded. And it’s amazing to watch while you’re recording vocals. And Deren was such a tough cookie – a visionary, fiercely dedicated artist who powered through the prejudices of her time to invent a whole new film vocabulary.

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  1. Rob Adkins

    Thanks for sending me on another journey! I swing by here every once in a while and it’s really fun to be sent out to learn about something or someone new and the things they did.

    Thanks again… Please swing by Detroit sometime, I’d love to see the band.

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