Coming Soon

January 10, 2013

Last year I spent most of my time in this basement room I started renting by the East River. Made an album, kind of just for myself. I played everything myself pretty much. It was sort of something I had to get off my chest. Cully did some stuff too when he came through town. Making the album was really helpful and fun, and I was really happy with it. I decided to give some copies to friends this Christmas, just here and there. I decided I’m going to give away some of the songs this year to you guys, with one coming your way soon. It’s different than Okkervil stuff.

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5 Responses to “Coming Soon”

  1. carlo(netherlands)

    He will i’am looking forward to hear some new stuff from you. And when you say it’s different from the okkervil songs, that makes me very curieus. So….give it away!

  2. Kevin

    this is great news. i think this is going to be an amazing year for music.

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