“Black Sheep Boy” Letterpress Art & Demos Album

November 2, 2015

Over at the Okkervil River online store, you can order a hand-made letterpress version of the above image, which is my interpretation of William Schaff’s cover art for Black Sheep Boy. Also on the online store we have a downloadable album entitled Black Sheep Boy: Early Drafts on the Road, 2004. This is what it sounds like – the very earliest recorded versions of Black Sheep Boy songs, done in green rooms and guest bedrooms and on people’s front lawns, and interspersed with audio diaries where I discuss the songs and discuss what was happening on tour at the time.


Will Sheff’s Fresh Prints: Talking with Carl Newman of the New Pornographers

September 3, 2014

Carl “A.C.” Newman and I became friends when Okkervil River toured with his band the New Pornographers, and since then we’ve remained close and worked together on a number of different occasions, both on his records and in some of my live performances. He’s one of the nicest and most down-to-earth musicians I’ve ever met, with a work ethic that should shame most other artists. This podcast was taped last year, when I had just released The Silver Gymnasium and Carl was midway through working on the album that turned into the just-released New Pornographers record Brill Bruisers. Carl and I talk about how the work is going and about the recording process in general, about how writing changes as you get older, about his memories of the early days of the New Pornographers’ success, and about how its preferable to have a long steady career in music over a short supernova.