“Black Sheep Boy” Letterpress Art & Demos Album

November 2, 2015

Over at the Okkervil River online store, you can order a hand-made letterpress version of the above image, which is my interpretation of William Schaff’s cover art for Black Sheep Boy. Also on the online store we have a downloadable album entitled Black Sheep Boy: Early Drafts on the Road, 2004. This is what it sounds like – the very earliest recorded versions of Black Sheep Boy songs, done in green rooms and guest bedrooms and on people’s front lawns, and interspersed with audio diaries where I discuss the songs and discuss what was happening on tour at the time.


A Jacques Brel Shirt

September 8, 2015

I was introduced to Jacques Brel by my high school theater director, David Weidman, an incredibly ambitious man who mounted plays like “Equus,” “The Elephant Man,” and “Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris” at our high scool and treated us all like we were adults and serious actors, which meant he expected a level of discipline and dedication from us that a lot of people might find unreasonable or even a little cruel. He was right and they were all wrong, though.


A Dock Boggs Shirt

June 16, 2015

I started drawing on t-shirts around 2003, choosing people whose work I felt strongly enough about to want to carry around pictures of them with me. I think this Dock Boggs shirt was the very first one I ever did. Sharpie on t-shirt, pretty rudimentary.