“Black Sheep Boy” Letterpress Art & Demos Album

November 2, 2015

NEW CROP2Over at the Okkervil River online store, you can order a hand-made letterpress version of the above image, which is my interpretation of William Schaff’s cover art for Black Sheep Boy (in the vein of the I Am Very Far reinterpretation I did here). I worked on this piece off and on for a lot of this year, starting the basic outlines in Brooklyn before taking the piece on a trip to Indiana, working on the tree and the boombox (which is a replica of my childhood boombox) while spending a week on a lake in New Hampshire with my parents and siblings, drawing the wisteria and other flowers on downtime during Patrick’s wedding weekend in Wyoming, adding detail to the table from a beach in Islamorada, Florida, and finally finishing the thing from the same table I started at in Brooklyn many months earlier. I’m pretty happy with the final product, which will be an 8×10 print created by The Arm here in Brooklyn.

Also on the online store we have a downloadable album entitled Black Sheep Boy: Early Drafts on the Road, 2004. This is what it sounds like – the very earliest recorded versions of Black Sheep Boy songs, done in green rooms and guest bedrooms and on people’s front lawns, and interspersed with audio diaries where I discuss the songs and discuss what was happening on tour at the time. It’s half acoustic album and half audio collage and a pretty special listen, I think, if you’re a fan of the album.

The Black Sheep Boy shows are coming up and it’s been fun rehearsing for them and checking in with the band as things get closer. I think you guys are really going to like these shows and I can’t wait for them to happen. Watch this space for more soon.



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  1. elizabeth

    I had to google Islamorada, Florida. I lived for years in Florida- but for some reason, it struck me as an entirely made up name. Mmm. I mean, obviously it was made up at some point… ah, fine- I’ll be back to google to find out I suppose. In any case, I miss your writing Will. Would love to hear stories of Florida weekends or weeks. Wishing you well from other islands, xo.

  2. elizabeth

    … Oh no. Obviously months have elapsed since this post and the link to the audio diaries says it is now invalid or disabled. Just passing on so you can know… someone went looking and cared when it wasn’t found !

  3. brandon

    hi, are these letterpress versions all gone? i just saw this now and checked the store, i didn’t see anything

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