“Down Down the Deep River” Pre-Order Up Now

July 7, 2015

If you head over here, you can now pre-order “Down Down the Deep River,” the film I wrote, directed and scored, with all kinds of bonus features bells and whistles including a “making of”doc, deleted scenes, a commentary track, and behind the scenes pictures. You can also get for free download a brand-new musical track that’s a re-write and re-imagining of the song “Down Down the Deep River,” drawing on original drafts of the song and on elements of the film. This project has been a long time in the making and I’ve labored on it with quite a lot of love – I’m glad to be starting the whole process of getting it out to you.

Residents of the Northeastern U.S. can catch the film in two upcoming screenings this month. First, the film will see a little New-England appropriate preview at the Maine International Film  Festival, screening on Wednesday the 15th and Friday the 17th (during this second screening I’ll be present for a short Q&A). You can buy tickets for those screenings here if you live in the area. Later in July, the film will see its big New York City area debut on the 25th, at 7:3o PM at the Museum of the Moving Image’s beautiful Sumner Redstone Theater. It’s a great way to see Johnny North’s wonderful cinematography, Alan Lampert’s detailed production design, and to listen to the intricate sound design I worked on with Kris Chevannes on the Redstone Theater’s state of the art sound system. And I’ll be doing a musical performance before the screening and a Q&A afterwards. You can grab tickets for that screening here.

Some links:

Preorder the film: www.downdownthedeepriver.com
The Maine International Film Festival: www.miff.org
The Rural Route Film Festival: ruralroutefilms.com
Museum of the Moving Image: www.movingimage.us


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