“Black Sheep Boy” Letterpress Art & Demos Album

November 2, 2015

NEW CROP2Over at the Okkervil River online store, you can order a hand-made letterpress version of the above image, which is my interpretation of William Schaff’s cover art for Black Sheep Boy (in the vein of the I Am Very Far reinterpretation I did here). I worked on this piece off and on for a lot of this year, starting the basic outlines in Brooklyn before taking the piece on a trip to Indiana, working on the tree and the boombox (which is a replica of my childhood boombox) while spending a week on a lake in New Hampshire with my parents and siblings, drawing the wisteria and other flowers on downtime during Patrick’s wedding weekend in Wyoming, adding detail to the table from a beach in Islamorada, Florida, and finally finishing the thing from the same table I started at in Brooklyn many months earlier. I’m pretty happy with the final product, which will be an 8×10 print created by The Arm here in Brooklyn.

Also on the online store we have a downloadable album entitled Black Sheep Boy: Early Drafts on the Road, 2004. This is what it sounds like – the very earliest recorded versions of Black Sheep Boy songs, done in green rooms and guest bedrooms and on people’s front lawns, and interspersed with audio diaries where I discuss the songs and discuss what was happening on tour at the time. It’s half acoustic album and half audio collage and a pretty special listen, I think, if you’re a fan of the album.

The Black Sheep Boy shows are coming up and it’s been fun rehearsing for them and checking in with the band as things get closer. I think you guys are really going to like these shows and I can’t wait for them to happen. Watch this space for more soon.




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